A warning to those looking to mod their motorized bicycles:

Most, if not all, of the hacks and mods featured on this site were made by individual hobbyists. If you are new to working with 2-stroke bicycle engines, please by aware that there's a possibility that a mod featured on this site could seriously damage your engine. Please don't try any mod from this or any other site unless you fully understand what you are doing. The owner of this blog will not be held responsible for both material and bodily damage caused by performing a modification featured on this blog. Also remember that opening up your engine may void your warranty!

California-friendly distributors

If you live in California and you're interested in getting an engine for your bicycle, I'm sure that many times you have read something to this effect:

"Due to Regulations no California Residence Buyers. California Residence Please Check California Air Resource Board."
This is very discouraging since seemingly every vendor lets everyone buy their kits except Californians!  Well fear not, because here's a list of distributors that will ship to California!

Helio Motorized Bicycles
That's Dax
Raw Motors
Discount Bike Engines
Santa Cruz Green Motors
Venice Motor Bikes

Currently, the eBay user daoji888 is selling 66cc engine kits that come with a pull start and centrifugal clutch!

California-friendly eBay sellers:



Craigslist is also another place to look for engine kits at a discount price.  They only come about occasionally though, so it can't hurt to check back every day because deals often come up!  Click here to search for motorized bike stuff on Craigslist!