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Saturday, October 1, 2011

12 volt engine generator for lighting

The white wire that comes off our HT motors can power some lights, but if you did that you'd be taking away electrical power from the spark plug.

This modification possibly solves that problem.  Now you can power your lights from your engine and keep your spark power!  From the looks of it, it's a smaller separate magneto coil.  That way you're getting power separately and not taking it away from the main magneto coil.

If you don't want to build one of these yourself(I don't even know how), you can buy the the entire system on eBay!  Ebay user mightywonderful is selling the Mini-Gen Max, which is a complete separate power system for your motorized bicycle.

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  1. Been thinking of trying this myslef on my current 2 stroke project. I am a bit nervous about it shorting the electrical system or causing performance issues with my motor. Wish there was more info about it on the MB forums.