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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Easiest chain tensioner mod ever

There are plenty of great chain tensioner mods out there which involve spring-loading and usually involve building an entirely new tensioner all-together.  But this is the easiest tensioner improvement I've seen.  Keep the stock tensioner, but add a spring and a few small parts to keep the tensioner in place!  May need drilling if your frame isn't the same, but this shows that it really doesn't need to take a lot to improve your tensioner!


  1. Wouldn't the spring need to pull the idler wheel upward though?

  2. According to the guy who made it, it's mostly to keep the tensioner from going forward and going into the spokes. It probably provides some extra tension by pulling the tensioner towards the back. It wouldn't compare this mod to other spring tensioner mods, but in my opinion, this is how the tensioner should have come in the kits.

    Honestly, I'm still using the stock tensioner with no problems. So merely putting a spring on it can certainly help, I'd think.