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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Replacing your spark plug wire

Well today my spark plug wire failed.  I pulled the plug off the spark plug and out came a few pieces and a mangled little brass cylinder.  Now it doesn't even stay on the plug and easily falls off!  It's not hard to find a replacement spark plug wire for our engines on the internet, but I'm an impatient guy and I like quick solutions.  So I took a chance and bought a spark plug wire from NAPA Auto Parts.  I showed my stock bike spark plug wire to the guy at the counter, and he gave me the closest thing he could find.  I walked away with a Belden distributor end-type spark plug wire(part #BEL 701050) for about $8.  I cut off the other end of the wire(the part with the larger plastic plug), and screwed it into my CDI just like with the stock spark plug wire.  And it works!  In fact, it's longer(14"), more flexible, and it holds on to the spark plug more tightly.  I don't notice any improvement performance-wise, but it works just as well as the stock and makes an excellent replacement!

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