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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Low-profile "ram" air system

Yet another post from an ancient motorbicycling.com thread I came across.  User pedalpower took what looks like a tobacco can and mounted it on the back of the carb to "catch" more air.  A very interesting idea, and a very inexpensive mod... but does it work?  This is one I definitely want to follow up on.  I can find no other example of this.  The only thing that does something similar is the "boost bottle", which is generally considered to be a bust.  However the boost bottles push gas into the intake after the carb has mixed air and the fuel, but this mod in theory would help to push more air into the carb as the bike gains speed.  Very interesting!

UPDATE: I tried doing this today using the bottom of a pineapple tidbits can.  I'm not sure how much more power it really gives the engine, but the engine seems to run nice and smoothly with it attached.  It seems to make it easier for the engine to inhale, so there's a bit less 4 stroking.

UPDATE 2: So far, this seems to be working really nice.  I'll upload a picture at some point.  I actually had to remove it the other day in order to fix the air filter(the carb sits really close to the frame).  I rode my bike without the ram air, and I could really tell the difference.  My bike runs very well anyway, but I could tell that the bike was running slightly richer than it needed to.  Some people say that having a ram air system leans out the mixture too much and that it wrecks the vacuum that's created between the carb and the engine and that it will eventually ruin the engine, and while that may be true for a pipe-based ram air, I think using the bottom of a can works great.  The NT carbs tend to run the engine a little richer than necessary anyway, and I think having a simple setup with something to "deflect" moving air into the carb nicely balances it out.

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