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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keep that idle screw in place!

I, like many others, lost their idle screw early on.  I made the mistake and found another screw that fit in, but it was so long that when I buried the screw it actually bent the carb needle!  But anyway, that's getting off on a tangent.

The spring on the stock idle screw simply doesn't do enough to keep the screw in place, so a lot of people lose their screw because of vibration.  If you've been around the MB community enough, you might have heard of making a "safety wire" so that the screw doesn't get lost.  I think this idea takes that a step further.

A wingnut and a rubber washer keeps the screw in place!  Theoretically, this would mean you wouldn't have to worry so much about adjusting the screw because of vibration.  When I get a new idle screw, I'm definitely going to be doing this.  You might even get away with using a spring washer if you wanted.

Replacement idle screws can be purchased at thatsdax.com.

You might also be able to find a compatible screw at a lawn mower store.

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  1. That looks pretty good. I just use red nail polish or blue loctite as thread adhesive. Set it and forget it!