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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Choke lever mods

That choke lever is such a hassle to deal with when starting a ride, right?  It's even worse for me because since I replaced the stock fuel line with some thick high-quality line, for some reason that causes my fuel filter to be right in the way of the choke lever!  Even so, why should we have to take our eyes off the road just to get our engine starting quickly and nicely?

These are some relatively simple improvements that will give you easier control to the choke.  It basically works the same way your clutch lever does, only it connects to the choke lever.  And now it makes the choke lever spring-loaded!  

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This is another easy mod to the choke lever, which is probably a bit cheaper to make.

Pro-Tip: Is your engine randomly 4-stroking and bogging down?  Have you fiddled with your carb needle a million times to no avail?  Well your problem may just be your choke lever!  That's right, your choke lever.  Recently my engine has been bogging down randomly and I could barely make it up the hills I normally scale with ease, and I figured out that the choke lever has become loose from use and that caused it to move upward from engine vibration!  So if you think that's your problem, make sure to tighten your choke lever so it's not too loose.  Then watch your bike fly!

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