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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to SeaFoam your MB engine

I've seen plenty of videos on using SeaFoam on Miatas and Jaguars, but I haven't found many instructions on how to use SeaFoam on our Happy Time engines!  This video is straight forward in showing just how this is done.If you're trying to figure out how to get rid of that black stuff from your piston(carbon deposits), then this is one way to do that.  SeaFoam is a petroleum-based cleaner that's about $8 - $10 for a can, and by injecting it into your engine after a warm-up you can [attempt to] get rid of those evil carbon deposits!  The only by-product is some thick white smoke coming from your exhust(to show you that it's working).Since our engines don't have induction tubes like some cars have, this method involves running the engine without the air filter and gradually spraying in SeaFoam through the carburetor, spraying in just enough at a time that the engine doesn't stall out.A cheaper alternative to SeaFoam is B-12 Chemtool, but SeaFoam is a tried and true product.

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